Custom Cakes And Wedding Cakes

We work with you to create that one of a kind center piece for your special event.  Contact us via email, phone or text for pricing.  We deliver all Wedding cakes with in the treasure valley. Check out or Q & A page to get helpful information on what you should be asking your cake designer! 

Created By Adele Foucartfrom the Noun ProjectWedding

Wedding Cake Steps......

All about the timing: 

3-6 months prior to wedding date start working on finding the right baker/bakery..... the worst thing is to find the perfect cake decorator that can execute your dream wedding cake and they end up booked up. (don't be scared if you procrastinated a lot of times there are gaps in scheduling and sometimes you can get in last min) Give your cake decorator enough notice as possible so they can get you "penciled in". 

Take into consideration the time of year your wedding is and if it will be indoors or outdoor (if you are planning a July wedding outdoors a delicate buttercream covered cake may not be the best option).

Research, Research, Research:

Word of mouth is Tried-and-True.... do your research and ask questions!  Check out multiple bakeries and find the one that fits your needs and wants best.  Call and ask questions and check what there availability is for the day of your event. (see our Q & A page for a list of questions to ask) Send them pictures so they can see what your vision is.  Weed threw your top picks and the ones that don't fit your criteria.  Once you have a list of a couple that you like or you found "The One" the real fun begins!  Give them a call and start the scheduling/ tasting process.​

Tasting/ Meeting:

You found some great options and now your ready to set up a meeting/ taste testing.... Having an idea of what flavor profiles you are wanting is helpful, some bakeries have a limit on how many flavors you can do at a taste testing.  Get creative with the flavors and choose what you like.

During the meeting be specific on how may servings of cake you are wanting and how many tiers, this will help decide the size of each tier.  Another option is to do a small cake and cupcakes which is much easier when it comes time to serve your guests.  This is also a great time to discuss the anniversary cake!
Design & Inspiration:

During your meeting you will start the design process and nail down what you want the overall look to be.  Be specific so the end results will be just as you are picturing it.  Provide pictures (Pinterest is great for ideas), color swatches or any other tools to help the decorator carry out your vision.  This is your day and it should be PERFECT!  Take into consideration the venue, time of year, and your wedding dress when designing your cake, all of these factors can help make your cake unique.